Corporate Responsibility

At Onyx, we are dedicated to patients, their caregivers, healthcare professionals, our employees and our communities. Onyx supports a variety of organizations and initiatives to raise awareness of disease areas aligned with our business. Through our support of these efforts, Onyx ultimately strives to improve the lives of individuals with cancer.

Corporate Giving and Grants

Onyx is committed to providing charitable donations and educational grants through our corporate giving and grants program. If your organization is interested in applying for a grant, please review our “Grant Guidelines” and apply online.

Patient Access

Onyx is committed to helping patients gain access to Nexavar. The Resources for Expert Assistance and Care Helpline (REACH®) is available to answer questions about Nexavar treatment, reimbursement, and patient support. For more information, healthcare providers and patients may contact the REACH program at 1.866.NEXAVAR (1.866.639.2827) Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET.

Prescriber Data Privacy

Healthcare professionals who wish to keep their prescriber data private and request that it not be made available to company sales representatives can apply to have their identifying information removed from materials provided to Onyx sales representatives.

Business Conduct

At Onyx, we strive for the highest standards of business conduct and ethics. Our Code of Conduct and Corporate Values reflect the business practices and principles of behavior that support this commitment. We are dedicated to creating a culture that encourages responsible corporate action at every level in our organization. It is expected that all officers, employees, and agents of Onyx will maintain the standards established in our Code of Conduct, adhere to the policies created in support of the code, and embrace the spirit of our Corporate Values.

In addition, we are committed to sustaining an effective Compliance Program in accordance with applicable laws and guidelines established by the federal and/or state government. We achieve this through programs and company policies, as well as training designed to prevent, detect, and correct any potential violations.

We encourage you to read our Corporate Values, Code of Conduct and our Compliance Program, which will be regularly reviewed and amended as needed.