Grant Guidelines

What Onyx Can Support

Onyx will consider unsolicited grant requests from qualified U.S.-based organizations in support of quality programs and services with an educational, scientific or charitable purpose. Grants will only be awarded to those requesting organizations with good standing in the community and a reputation for delivering quality programs and services. Supported programs must focus on improving patient education, quality of life or medical education.

Onyx generally does not provide grants for:

  • Individuals, individual scholarships, and individual travel support
  • Government agencies, employees and contractors
  • General education funds (i.e., must be a specific program/event)
  • Political purposes
  • Religious purposes
  • Initiatives that pose a conflict of interest with the commercial or development goals of Onyx
  • Cost overruns following the conclusion of a program (i.e., "retrospective" or "supplemental" grants)

Level of funding is determined solely at the discretion of the Onyx Grant Review Committee. While it is not possible to grant every request, those meeting the necessary criteria will be given careful consideration.

Required Documentation

For a grant request to receive consideration, the following documents must be submitted with the completed on-line Grant Request Form:

  • Formal letter of request, including
    • Program title
    • Covered topics/learning objectives
    • Program date(s) and venue(s)
    • Anticipated attendance
    • Speakers, if known/applicable
    • Amount requested
    • CME credits earned (if applicable)
  • Program agenda (attachment)
  • Completed Form W-9 (attachment)
  • For larger programs (i.e. at, or over, $5,000), a detailed line item budget is also required.

Electronic copies of the required documentation are uploaded using the "Browse" fields in our on-line Grant Request Form. The Form W-9 template may be found at

Review Lead Times

Review times can vary between grant requests; however, an e-mail response may generally be expected within 30 days. Occasionally, additional information or clarification is required for which the requestor may be contacted. In such cases, the review lead time may increase to 45 days. To help minimize this time, requestors should provide the most complete and accurate documentation available.

Grant requests and supporting documentation should be submitted at least 30 days in advance of the event. Requests received less than 30 days in advance are likely to be rejected.

Grant Request Status

Upon Grant Review Committee deliberation, the requestor is notified of the decision via e-mail to the address entered on the Grant Request Form. Approved requests are processed and a check is sent directly to the Institution mailing address. A request should not be considered approved until receipt of the e-mail message confirming the approved amount.

For questions regarding the status of a grant request during the review period, or to make changes to the request (e.g., lowering the amount or withdrawing the request), please contact the Onyx Grants Administrator at [email protected].

Exhibit and Display Fees

Program exhibit and display fees should be forwarded to your local Onyx Sales Representative as these are generally promotional in nature.

Clinical Grant Requests

Grant requests to support clinical development projects should be forwarded to your local Onyx Medical Science Liaison for review by the Onyx Medical Organization.

Contact the Onyx Grants Office

For further information please contact the Onyx Grants Office at (510) 597-6390 or [email protected]

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